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Help cool horses legs after a work out or to treat a leg injury.

To use place boot in the freezer for 5-6 hours.
Will stay cold for hours if kept in your Ezky at rides.

Wrap around horses legs.

Treatments over 20mins are not recommended.

Reduces heat and swelling.

re-freezeable, no mess, easy to use.

Cold Temperature any time, anywhere.

machine washable, breathable, non stick.

FREEZING - Place wrap in freezer in the open position until the leg wrap is solid,
Initial freezing will take 6-8 hours .
When wrap is frozen do not leave on leg over 10 minutes.

USE - Before applying to leg, bend and flex wrap to make supple.
Once slightly thawed the wrap can be used to cool the knee to coronet band as needed at 110 - 20 minute intervals.

STORAGE - Wraps may be placed in a freezer or when travelling place in an insulated container with ice.
After use clean wraps and let dry before next use.
When not in use for an extended period, store in a cool dry area.

Sold as ONE BOOT.

• Sold as a single boot.
• Colour: Blue.