Equinade Stockholm Tar

Equinade Stockholm Tar

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Euinade Pure Tar is made from 100% pure genuine Swedish pine tar. 

Equinade uses the natural. premium Stockholm Tar and packs it in it's purest form. This high quality pine tar is produced using closed kilns to extract the valuable sap, without toxic bi-products being produced.

Equinade Stockholm Tar has a variety of benefits and uses:

  • Non-toxic and does not contain water, petroleum based chemicals or carcinogenic creosote
  • the natural antiseptic action helps to combat bacterial infections of the hoof and skin, including thrush
  • Assists in the treatment of split hooves, split heels, cracks and corns. Promotes a flexible and elastic hoof
  • Other applications include sealing and preventing infection of shearing wounds and when dehorning.