Cen No3 Boost

Cen No3 Boost

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Help Improve Performance & Health

Healthy circulation for your horse is vital for optimum performance and recovery. This can be negatively impacted by stress, poor diet and inflammation. When blood circulation is restricted, it can have an impact on hoof condition as well as muscle and tendon health.

By supporting the dilation and relaxation of blood vessels, blood flow movement into the vital areas can be improved. The CEN NO3 Boost formulation promotes nitric oxide production in the horse’s body, supporting the various synthesis pathways.

This not only provides the natural nitrates for circulation but is also a potent source of naturally occurring phytochemicals and nutrients to help support your horse’s health from their heart to lungs, tendons to muscles, and skin to hoof health.

Key Features

  • May help blood flow
  • Energy Output (mitochondrial efficiency)
  • May increase oxygen delivery throughout the body (muscle oxygenation)
  • Help improve time to full fatigue (stamina)
  • May assist with horses who tie-up
  • May assist with conditions such as laminitis or poor hoof growth
  • May increase circulation leading to improved muscle health