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KER - Nano E

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Liquid Natural-Source Vitamin E with Superior Bioavailability

Nano-E is a revolutionary natural-source vitamin E supplement for horses. Liposome encapsulation and nanodispersion ensures rapid and superior bioavailability for all horses.

Vitamin E is an essential component of body-wide antioxidant defences and plays a vital role in immune, cardiovascular, circulatory, neuromuscular, and reproductive functions.

Why use Nano-E?

  • Natural-source vitamin E antioxidant supplement for all types of horses
  • Utilises revolutionary nanodispersion technology
  • Research proven to be 6X more bioavailable than synthetic vitamin E and 3X more than other natural vitamin E sources
  • Rapid absorption so use may be timed to provide peak antioxidant protection
  • Reproductive benefits for breeding stallions, as well as pregnant and lactating broodmares

When to use Nano-E

  • Race and performance horses
  • Horses recovering from illness or injury
  • Prior to or following stressful events such as foaling, weaning or travel
  • Horses with neurological or neuromuscular disease
  • Horses in confinement or those not consuming fresh green grass
  • Breeding stallions and broodmares to aid in optimal fertility and positively influence passive transfer and immunity in foals
  • Provides antioxidant support for muscle cells and protects against exercise-induced muscle damage

Which is the Best Form of Vitamin E?

Research has revealed that vitamin E varies in its potency, based on whether it is natural or synthetic.

Sources of natural vitamin E, especially Nano-E, more effectively raise serum levels when compared to synthetic sources, making natural vitamin E more bioavailable.