Kohnke Mag-E
Kohnke Mag-E

Kohnke Mag-E

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Calming Supplement for Anxious and Nervous Horses

Trying to get a nervous, spooky or stressed out horse to stay calm during competition or training is tough, but Kohnke’s Own Mag-E can help! Mag-E is an effective supplement to help ensure horses remain calm and focused during training and competition. 

 Mag-E can be given daily for relaxed, steady behaviour or supplemented a few days before and during an event to take the edge off, allowing your horse to relax and focus without reducing performance.

 Mag-E contains multiple calming nutrients to help horses to focus more effectively and it does not swab, making it legal for competition.  Mag-E has an innovative formulation which includes synergistic calming nutrients which work together to normalise nerve and muscle function.  

Our Concept for Mag-E

We designed Mag-E with a high potency formulation for a better uptake in the digestive system, making it more effective than other common calmers.

Dealing with anxious, tense or ‘hot’ horses whether at home or during an outing is a frustrating problem. Mag-E is an effective solution, used and trusted by owners across Australia for all types of horses, from top level equestrian horses and racing Thoroughbreds to riding club horses and led-in show ponies.