Kohnke's Own - Tox Target

Kohnke's Own - Tox Target

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Mycotoxin Binder for Horses

Mycotoxins are toxic substances produced by moulds on grass, weeds, grain, feeds and hays.  They can create significant challenges to a horse’s health. 

Horses consuming mycotoxins can exhibit a range of symptoms, commonly termed mycotoxicosis.  These include unexplained random spooky behaviour, skin irritation, photosensitivity, head-shaking or flicking, staggers, to gut issues, poor growth, low fertility, immune problems and lack of stamina.

Moulds that invade certain grass species can produce mycotoxins which are particularly toxic to horses.  Key types include black paspalum (ergot mycotoxins), ryegrass, clovers, tall fescue , weeds such as capeweed and other grasses that grow in hot, wet or damp climates. 

Our Concept for Tox Target

Tox Target contains multiple mycotoxin binders in a concentrated formula designed for an ‘ultra-high level’ binding capacity. The combination of mineral, organic and inorganic binders give Tox-Target a broad-spectrum action to bind many different mycotoxins and allow them to be expelled in the manure, rather than being absorbed by the horse. 

Long term mycotoxin exposure can negatively impact horse health and wellbeing.  Tox Target contains nutrients that help to ‘detoxify’ the liver, kidneys and other organs that may have been affected by ingestion of mycotoxins. 

Tox-Target has been especially researched and tested for horses grazing on pastures that are infected by mycotoxins. Our extensive field trials demonstrated excellent results in helping horses that had showed visible symptoms of mycotoxicosis.  Read our FAQ to find out many of the symptoms that may be associated with mycotoxin problems horses.