Poseidon - Digestive EQ
Poseidon - Digestive EQ

Poseidon - Digestive EQ

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Meet our NEW Digestive EQ formula - The same great equine gut health supplement, with even more gut and digestion support for your horse. Already a complete fore and hindgut digestive supplement for horses, our NEW Digestive EQ formula equine gut health product offers even more digestive and immune system support, with:

  • the benefits of digestive enzymes for improved digestion and nutrient uptake,
  • dual action stomach pH buffering with red marine algae and magnesium hydroxide,
  • new post-biotics as well as prebiotics for extra gut protection and repair,
  • four amino acids for stomach health and cell repair,
  • an updated magnesium to calcium ratio to ensure optimum absorption and metabolisation levels,
  • and mycotoxin binders.

This equine gut health supplement is designed to provide complete daily digestive support for your horse.