Tick Twister Removal Tool Twin Pack

Tick Twister Removal Tool Twin Pack

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The Original Tick Twister is the perfect tool to help you easily and successfully remove ticks from your dog, cats, horses and humans.

The Tick Twister is perfect for removing ticks:

  • without leaving the mouth-parts of the tick implanted in the skin

  • without compressing the abdomen of the tick, minimizing the transfer of infectious agents (Lyme disease, Babesiosis, etc.)

  • without ether or other products

  • in a few seconds, without pain

The Tick twister Original comes in a pack of 2 Twisters for removing various sized ticks.

Directions for use:

  1. Select the correct sized tool according to the size of the tick - the large hook for medium and large ticks or the small hook for small and very small ticks.

  2. Hold the handle between your thumb and index finger and slide the fork end of the tool toward the tick until it is caught between the prongs.

  3. Lift the tool very lightly and rotate in either direction several (2-3) turns. You will feel when the tick has released its mouth-parts and it is safe to pull up on the tick and Tick Twister®.

  4. Do not pull on the tick, but rotate the tick twister until the tick detatches.