V.A.M Paste

V.A.M Paste

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VAM is a comprehensive source of key dietary components formulated for horses and dogs in training. It helps combat nutritional deficiencies caused by inadequate diets, athletic activities, parasites and sickness. Athletic animals need more vitamins and minerals than sedentary pets due to elevated tissue formation and breakdown during exercise. B Complex vitamins, copper, and cobalt are critical for red blood cell formation, and the need for them rises sharply with strenuous activity. As water-soluble vitamins, they must be taken regularly and are quickly metabolized or excreted.

Amino Acids: These are not only the 'building blocks' of proteins, but they also have a regulatory function in the maintenance of nervous tissue and immune systems. Demand for certain amino acids increases with hard exercise, as the turnover in muscle tissue is particularly high.

Minerals:Iron, copper and cobalt are essential for the production of normal red blood cells, and for the synthesis of haemoglobin.

Maximal exercise has been shown to reduce Vitamin B Complex levels, and so suppress the blood counts in athletic animals. Trace levels of iron are lost through sweating, parasitism, and destruction of red blood cells.
VAM is specifically formulated to support the athletic animal under stress; to help maintain appetite, and to act as a source of readily available essential micro-nutrients.

Horses: 10-15mL two to three times weekly.
Dogs : 0.5 mL/10 kg

Available in a 250ml tub