Winderen - Elegance Dressage Saddle Pad
Winderen - Elegance Dressage Saddle Pad
Winderen - Elegance Dressage Saddle Pad
Winderen - Elegance Dressage Saddle Pad

Winderen - Elegance Dressage Saddle Pad

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 Durable upper material
 Felt fill
 Embossed 100% cotton
 Perfect look after every machine wash

Winderen Anatomic Top Line products are made of the finest materials and threads. Thanks to the use of natural felt and embossed 100% cotton, this saddle pad has excellent thermoregulation properties. Areas exposed to abrasions are given additional reinforcements to keep the saddle pad looking good, even in heavy use. In addition, the materials used for Anatomic Top Line are machine washable, and the saddle pad won’t shrink or lose its shape even after multiple washings.

We place great value on the quality and perfect finishing of our products, which is why Winderen Anatomic Top Line products are manufactured exclusively by hand in Poland.
Saddle pads with anatomical fit to the horse’s back

The anatomic shape of the saddle pad has been designed to conform to the natural curves of the horse's back and to refrain from pinching sensitive areas on the withers and spine.

The material at the front is raised to leave as much space as possible for the sensitive withers. The contoured back keeps the edge of the saddle pad away from the horse's spine and prevents exertion of pressure. In addition, the saddle pad’s adequate stiffness minimizes the risk of slippage during training.

A - Durable upper material

The upper material is durable, breathable and resistant to abrasion. It is slip-resistant and built to keep its good looks over time. Horse hair and dust are easy to remove. Enhanced with a delicate, leather-like finish.

B - Felt fill

The horse sweats the most under the saddle’s flaps, therefore our saddle pad has a fill of soft, natural felt. Its high sweat absorption properties provide excellent insulation between saddle and horse.

C - Embossed 100% cotton

The Winderen Anatomic Top Line saddle pad’s underside is 100% natural embossed cotton, providing the best possible thermoregulation and moisture wicking.

Saddle pads for horses made with the best materials

Proven thermoregulating properties

Horses sweat during training – this is a natural mechanism to lower body temperature and prevent overheating. That's why the equipment we use should ensure effective moisture wicking – to help the body to cool down so the horse will be more comfortable during the ride. This is especially important on hot days or during hard workouts.

During riding, the horse sweats the most under the saddle pad, in the area directly beneath the saddle flaps. The Winderen Anatomic Top Line saddle pad has a soft, high-absorbent natural felt fill and an embossed 100% cotton underside for excellent moisture wicking. These natural materials provide excellent insulation between the saddle and the horse, preventing the sensitive skin of the back from overheating and ensuring your horse's comfort under the saddle.